Large Email Content

Email template on side navigation

Just by configuring our config.php, you can change whatever style you want. Also can do in html files just by adding specific class, all described in documentation.

	 // Specific Configuration
	 $start_nav_width = ''; 
	 $medium_nav_toggle=0; //  disable large to medium toggle button
	 $small_nav_toggle=0 ;//  disable large to small toggle button
	 $navbar_left_extra_class='vd_navbar-style-2'; //  clean style, removing line separator
	 $navbar_left = 'navbar-email';  // Navbar Left Email Content
	 $navbar_right = 'navbar-tabs-menu';  // Navbar Right Menu with Tabs Menu
	 $navbar_right_start_width = 'nav-right-medium'; // Navbar Right Width = Medium
	 $navbar_right_config = 1; // Start Navbar Right with Visible